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Be More Human by Tony Riddle

Be More Human by Tony Riddle

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The ultimate guide to boosting your mental and physical health by reconnecting with the way we, as humans, were supposed to live, eat, sleep, breathe and move.

The bright lights, late nights and constant hustle of our modern world have detached us from the way we, as humans, were supposed to live, connect and thrive. Be More Human explores the importance of reconnecting with our natural state and help us learn how to meet our true needs and live more naturally.

Tony Riddle (@thenaturallifestylist) will explore how the majority of us do not sit, breathe, eat, sleep or move as nature intended and so we're actively going against our biology. This book will help us all to reassess our habits and tap back into our natural rhythms and ways of being to optimise our mental and physical wellbeing, reduce stress, sit correctly, breathe better and improve our quality of sleep.

Tony is committed to helping us reconnect with how we were built to live in a way that can be incorporated into our hectic, modern lifestyles. His expertise will make this a transformative, empowering and practical guide to getting back in tune with a happier, healthier self to discover physical, emotional, mental and spiritual strength and wellbeing.

We can't all live in nature, but we can all live more naturally and learn how to thrive instead of just survive.

'Inspiring read' Rich Roll, author of Finding Ultra

'Vital stuff' Bruce Parry
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