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Biocare Children's OmegaCare 75ml

Biocare Children's OmegaCare 75ml

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BioCare Children's OmegaCare - 75ml

Children's OmegaCare is a natural high strength liquid omega 3 fish oil for heart, brain, and vision support. Rich in EPA & DHA and flavoured with sweet orange oil. It effectively delivers highly concentrated fish oil providing over 600mg of EPA and 475mg of DHA.

Only small fish from low down in the food chain are used, reducing their contact with pollutants. They are sourced from environmentally sustainable fisheries which respect and protect the marine environment. 

Children's OmegaCare provides the recommended daily dose of EPA & DHA for children from three years. A 250mg daily dose of DHA contributes to normal brain function, while a 200mg daily dose contributes to maintenance of normal vision.

This rich source of omega-3 fatty acids is delicious and easy to use. It can be taken neat or, if preferred, mixed with water or juice.

  • Suitable from one year 
  • Supports  heart, brain, and vision
  • Naturally sweet orange oil so no fishy aftertaste
  • Free from artificial colours and flavours
  • Made in the UK
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