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Dream Magic

Dream Magic Red 100g

Dream Magic Red 100g

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Dream Magic Red Superfood Powder is a nourishing blend bursting with nutrients and is perfect for adding to water, juices or smoothies. 

Dream Magic Red contains a significant amount of vitamins A, C, E, K, B1, B3 and B6 as well as Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, Riboflavin, Potassium, Folic Acid, Phosphorus, Copper and Manganese which our bodies need to function at the optimum level.

Foods high in these nutrients contribute to normal immune function, supporting perimenopusal and menopausal symptoms as well as supporting our adrenal glands.

The recommended daily amount is 1-2tsp each day.

Why Superfoods? We all know that we should eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables for optimal health and energy. The facts are that 80% of people don’t consume enough vitamins and minerals every single day! 

The red blend contains Coconut Water Powder (20%), Beetroot Powder (15%), Raspberry Powder (10%), Strawberry Powder (10%), Flaxseed Powder (10%), Banana Powder (10%), Carrot Powder (10%), Xylitol (10%).


Here's to your health and happiness!!

Totals per 100g of Dream Magic Red        
    Amount Unit %NRV
Vitamin E   30.56 mg 254.67
Calcium   608.8 mg 76.10
Zinc   22.9 mg 229.00
Iron   45.98 mg 328.43
Copper   0.433 mg 43.30
Vitamin A   1786.6 ug 223.33
Vitamin K   133.66 ug 178.21
Thiamin B1   0.5 mg 45.45
Niacin B3   6.58 mg 41.13
Vitamin B6   2.52 mg 180.00
Phosphorus   1535.78 mg 219.40
Magnesium   1575.91 mg 420.24
Manganese   4.564 mg 228.20
Riboflavin   0.54 mg 38.57
Vitamin C   789.44 mg 986.80
Folic Acid   1169 ug 584.50
Potassium   13921 mg 696.05
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