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Obbekjaers Oil of Peppermint 90 Capsules

Obbekjaers Oil of Peppermint 90 Capsules

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Oil of peppermint has been clinically proven in double blind trials to relieve the symptoms of IBS with trials in hospitals in Denmark and the UK achieving excellent results. In the Danish double blind trials, patients took Obbekjaers oil of peppermint capsules for four weeks and 68% reported an improvement in their symptoms. Oil of peppermint is an antispasmodic which has a relaxing effect on the smooth muscles of the intestine and stomach and aids digestion.

  • Alleviates stomach pain
  • Relieves digestive issues
  • Aids digestion


50mg Oil of Peppermint per capsule suspended in pure sunflower seed oil.

Shell: Gelatine and Glycerol.

Directions for use

One capsule to be taken 3 times daily with a little water before meals. 

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