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Proven Child Multivitamin 30s

Proven Child Multivitamin 30s

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ProVen Probiotics Acidophilus & Bifidus with A-Z Multivitamins for Children is unique in providing a combination of 100% of the recommended daily allowance of all 13 essential vitamins, together with 2.5 billion Lab4 friendly bacteria – all in one tasty blackcurrant-flavoured chewable tablet developed specifically for children.

The unique addition of the extensively studied Lab4 friendly bacteria makes ProVen Probiotics for Children a comprehensive everyday nutritional support for your child.

Provides 100% RDA of all 13 essential vitamins
Provides 2.5 billion Lab4 friendly bacteria
Extra vitamin D for teeth and bone growth and development
Delicious blackcurrant-flavoured chewable tablet

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