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West Highland Herbal

Scotland's Wild Medicine Book

Scotland's Wild Medicine Book

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Scotland's Wild Medicine Book: Reconnecting with nature for health, well-being, and healing.

Scotland has one of the worst health pictures in the world, unfortunately. With diseases and conditions like cancer, obesity, diabetes, auto-immune disorders, stress, and depression rife, our physical and mental well-being have been drastically affected as we've retreated indoors into sedentary lifestyles and become addicted to virtual online living and social media. Not to mention the adverse effects of industrial-scale farming, genetically modified crops, and pesticides resulting in nutrient-depleted 'dead' food.

However, it wasn't always this way; once we lived by the rhythms of the land and ate simply but well from the wonderful larder that nature provided. So when did we divorce nature and stop eating our indigenous, seasonal, plentiful, brain-building food? And why? 

When we begin to understand that everything is connected and that we cannot enjoy optimal health when separated from nature, we are on the way to fixing the problem.

Scotland's Wild Medicine was conceived to help guide you back to a more natural way of living, to discover what nature can provide to keep us all well, healthy, and happy. 

In this book you will find:

  • a practical guide to Scottish plants for food & healing
  • easy to follow, seasonal, month-by-month foraging guidance
  • simple daily rituals & activities that cost nothing but mean everything to your health

A collaborative project between Lilia Sinclair, nutritionist, health coach, & founder of Heal Scotland, and Clare Holohan, medical herbalist and founder of West Highland Herbal, Scotland's Wild Medicine is the new health & well-being handbook for you and your family. With stunning photography from the very talented Eilidh Cameron, the book makes a fabulous & thoughtful gift and is the perfect addition to any coffee table. Editorial by Jane Wright.

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