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WFH Fulvic Restore 100ml

WFH Fulvic Restore 100ml

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Fulvic Restore is a concentrated fulvic acid supplement that has been extracted from ancient plant minerals without the use of chemicals. Containing high levels of fulvic acid in addition to trace minerals, amino acids, electrolytes and trace elements, it is very likely the most concentrated natural fulvic acid supplement on the UK market and is perfect for boosting nutrient absorption.

  • Extracted without use of solvents or chemicals
  • High Fulvic Acid content (7% total of which 3.7% is hydrophobic)
  • Low molecular weight
  • Made in GMP compliant facility in Canada
  • Rich in trace minerals, amino acids & electrolytes
  • Improves nutrient uptake

Supplied in 100ml glass bottles. Serving size 2ml per day. 50 days supply. 

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